Despite being a boutique law firm, Vanguard Legal has broad and deep international business transaction experience. Our attorneys have experience doing business in Europe, Canada, Latin America, Asia, and The Middle East. In addition to representing multinational corporations, some of our attorneys have practiced or received legal training overseas.

Vanguard Legal meets the legal need of multinational businesses by providing practical, creative, and cost-effective advice for multinational companies doing business in Texas and beyond. Many new businesses are coming to Houston, Dallas, Austin, and other cities in Texas. Our attorneys regularly work with multinational corporations entering the U.S. market through newly formed subsidiaries or expanding their presence in the United States through joint ventures, acquisitions or expanded sales and distribution channels. Our international tax experience enables us to advise multinationals and foreign investors on tax-efficient corporate structures and capital repatriation strategies. Each attorney in the international business practice appreciates the complexities and cultural sensitivities of cross-border business operations.

Our corporate attorneys have broad and extensive experience representing companies in the global marketplace. We have substantial experience advising clients about the legal issues involved in cross-border and multinational transactions, including but not limited to:

  • Nonresident investors acquiring interests in U.S. entities
  • Foreign corporations operating in the U.S. through subsidiaries
  • U.S. companies entering foreign markets through direct operations or joint ventures
  • Multinational corporation relocating to Texas
  • Foreign sales and distribution agreements or outsourcing arrangements
  • International estate and corporate income tax planning

Our corporate attorneys regularly assist multinational corporations on both inbound and outbound transactions, international corporate structures, joint ventures, sales & distribution as well as international tax planning. Our attorneys also work with foreign attorneys, accountants, and advisors to ensure proper coordination among professionals to ultimately meet the client’s objectives.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • International Taxation
  • Technology Transactions
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Energy Transactions

Vanguard Legal attorneys have decades of experience advising companies on international business transactions and international tax, including companies doing business in Canada, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, China, Brussels, Norway, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands, as well as other parts of the European Union, Asia, Caribbean, and Latin America. In addition to representing multinational corporations, some of our experience have practiced or received legal training overseas.