Vanguard Legal attorneys have decades of experience planning and executing business transactions. Leveraging our experience and creativity, we are able to structure any kind of transaction from simple contracts to elaborate joint ventures, acquisitions, intellectual property licensing as well as joint development agreements.


Our attorneys are experienced at drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide variety of commercial and business contracts. Our clients range from small businesses to multinational corporations. The attorneys in our business practice have also helped with a wide range of legal services geared toward the development and growth of our clients such as employment agreements; private financings, patent, copyright and trademark licenses, joint ventures and strategic partnerships; commercial leases, sales and distribution agreements, and mergers & acquisitions.

  • Contracts and Commercial Agreements; Contracting and Procurement Programs
  • Entrepreneurship and Emerging Companies
  • Technology Transactions

We take a practical, business-minded approach to business transactions and contracts. We strive to capture the intent of our client as we draft and negotiate contracts. On one hand, this means capturing the key terms of a business deal that makes the deal beneficial to our client. On the other hand, we are also careful to identify the potential risks of any business transaction and advise our client on ways to mitigate those risks. Our objective is to get good deals done quickly while protecting the legal and business interests of our clients. We try to move promptly to draft and negotiate contracts because we understand that a client’s contract is necessary to get paid for their product or service, or a step in procuring a product or service that the client needs in its business.