Our attorneys regularly help clients with all aspects of the digital economy, including E-Commerce and mobile applications. At the outset, we assist our clients to protect their intellectual property through copyrights or trademarks or establishing protocols to protect trade secrets. We help clients ensure their companies own the intellectual property they use by ensuring that intellectual property assignments are executed by founders, partners and developers. When the client uses third-party developers for web development or coding, we prepare web or mobile app development agreements as well as third-party licensing agreements.

Our attorneys’ knowledge of eCommerce marketing and distribution channels assist our internet business clients in managing regulatory hurdles, complying with internet laws and regulations including online advertising compliance, online privacy regulation as well as multijurisdictional sales tax and business registration and cyber security best practices.

We assist clients with their e-commerce platforms through legal reviews of websites, including terms and conditions, legal disclaimers, and end-user license agreements (EULAs).

As our clients grow we assist them with the acquisition of internet and e-commerce businesses, including acqui-hires, transfer and assignment of intellectual property, international joint ventures and other business combinations.


We prepare and review the legal terms and conditions for websites and web based services and products, as well as drafting end user licenses. We also regularly draft and negotiate contracts that address cyber security risk allocation, indemnification and insurance provisions.

As the world becomes more connected, new cyber risks and compliance requirements are on the rise. As cloud computing, smart technologies and the internet-of-things expands, cyber security and compliance is being ever more critical even in traditional industries and business sectors.

As businesses increase their connectivity through web based solutions and by offering products in the internet-of-things, we advise them on the layers of state and federal law that apply and best practices for cyber policies, risk mitigation, data privacy (HIPAA, Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, etc.) and protection of confidential and proprietary information.