Our attorneys have a combination of experience as in-house counsel and outside general counsel that enable us to meet your day to day business needs. Together, our attorneys have broad experience in corporate governance, compliance, corporate development strategies, employment law, administrative law, risk mitigation and litigation management that are common to business operations. By building long term relationships with our clients and understanding their businesses we can provide timely, actionable advice to  mitigate risks and execute bold strategies rather than merely react to legal problems as they arise.

  • Contracts and Commercial Agreements
  • Employment and Compensation
  • Dispute Resolution; Negotiations, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Technology Transactions and Intellectual Property Protections
  • Cyber Security and Data Privacy Compliance

We understand that the value of our services is not directly linked to the amount of time we spend on a project. Therefore, as an alternative to law firm hourly billing or hiring a salaried in-house counsel, Vanguard Legal offers the Outside Legal Department model.

Vanguard Legal attorneys serve as the outside general counsel to various corporate clients. Under the Outside Legal Department program, clients have fixed legal fees on a monthly basis for contracts, governance, compliance, risk mitigation and basic employment law issues that companies commonly encounter. The Outside Legal Department program allows the client to budget for its monthly/annual legal fees, and may be less costly than retaining one or more full time in-house counsel. This model is available as an interim solution or a permanent arrangement.

As part of the program, our attorneys can oversee your contracting process. This may include updating your current contracts, master service agreements and “terms and conditions” with customers, employees, independent contractors and vendors. In addition, we can review and negotiate new contracts as they arise, manage your database of contracts, and provide strategic advice and updates on your business sector. The monthly fee excludes extraordinary transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, or arbitration and litigation.

By eliminating the billable hour, the Outside Legal Department model fosters open, thorough communication between client and attorney. By understanding your corporate culture and long-term goals, we can add value to you by keeping you informed of legal developments that affect your business and by providing independent analysis that is not clouded by the internal politics of an organization. Armed with such knowledge, we are able to provide timely, tailored, cost-effective solutions to legal issues. Regularly working with you as a team enables us to reduce or eliminate the delays associated with getting new counsel up to speed about your business operations.